Lock Groove

All vinyl records have a lock groove at the end of each side. It's usually a silent loop which keeps the record player stylus and tonearm from drifting into the label area but many artists have included looping audio in the lock groove.

Lock Groove DJ gives a nod to the lock groove tradition from the days when vinyl was king, allowing you to mix your own Grooves.

Lock Groove DJ comes with 1,536 unique sounds spread across 16 musical zones. Use its unique 4-track wheel to mix your own Grooves, share them with friends and save as ringtones.

Lock Groove Limited is the coming together of two creative companies, Grid Learning and Loud Cloud

An original interactive music activity called Spin 'n' Groove where users build their own compositions onto the tracks of a musical Wheel is the inspiration for the "Lock Groove DJ" app.

And Lock Groove is more than an App; it's a social community bringing together a blindingly simple yet addictive groove wheel with social media channels such as Facebook and others.

It's a unique and quirky way to share ringtones, mood grooves, celebratory messages and musical tweets with friends and groovers all over the globe.

We operate from Silicon Farm in the deepest parts of glorious Devon in the South West of England